Gmail Go, the mini version of your e-mail is already in Google Play


we Already have with us to the next application Go Gmail. Following in the footsteps of Google Maps Go, Assistant Go, Files Go and so many others, today it’s up the step to one of the versions of minis most expected: Gmail Go, the mail.

Gmail Go is already available in Google Play, although it is only available for download in a select list of countries and devices. As soon as we have news of your APK will update the news and we will prove it.

about the same as the normal, but lighter

Gmailz Gmail Go (left) and Gmail (right)

As you can see in the image above, the differences between Gmail Go and Gmail are quite subtle. It looks virtually the same, apart from some details like that does not display the profile image of the senders.

Gmailz2 Gmail Go (left) and Gmail (right)

The changes are most noticeable when you open the side panel, since the header showing your cover photo in Google+ and other accounts simplifies to a simple text with an arrow to change account. The rest of the panel maintains the same design, except for some icon that has changed design.

Gmailz3 Gmail Go (left) and Gmail (right)

The sight of read a message is maintained without many changes apart from the already mentioned lack of profile pictures. A function curious is that you include the Smart Replies of Gmail, that is to say, the hints of answers in the form of buttons.

Thus, we are faced with a lightweight version of Gmail in which there is you just have to do without nothing to change to have a version that takes up less space. Everything indicates that it will be a very interesting application, although the space savings will be relative, since Gmail is pre-installed on the vast majority of phones, so you can’t “uninstall” to change the setting for this scaled-down version… at least without root.

In Xataka Android | Google Maps Go Beta reaches around the world: so you can download your light version on the Play Store

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Gmail Go, the mini version of your e-mail is already in Google Play

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