Go and versions Pokémon ‘trick’ of Tutuapp: the dangers of hunting Pokémon from the couch

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    Pokemon Go Tutuapp

    After about month and a half since its launch in Android, we can say that Pokemon Go is the mobile game that has had the most impact to date . In its primer month significantly exceeded revenue to hits from the likes of Clash of Clans or Candy Crush, and does not look that will soon go out of style. However, despite its success, Go Pokémon can become a very frustrating game and this has caused arising infinidad traps to find rare Pokémon and level up quickly.

    One of the ‘hacks’ most popular is the Tutuapp, a Chinese store that features apps you crackeadas offers and also offers a Go modified version of Pokémon that allows us to move around the map without leaving home. But all is not as nice, download these apps has its risks.

    Tutuapp <- - more>: what is and what advantages does a Pokémon Go

    Pokemon Go tutuapp Hack

    As mentioned, Tutuapp is a kind of Chinese store applications primarily used to download apps without payment spend a single euro, ie that although Tutuapp itself is not illegal, most things that we are in this store are other . However, in this case we are talking about a free app, so things change.

    Tutuapp hosts a modified version of Pokémon Go which superimposes a series of buttons on the app so we can move around the map without having to walk in the real world. Precisely The essence of the game is to leave home, so this method does lose grace, although it may come in handy to travel further afield.

    As you can see in the picture above, the application has exactly the same appearance except floating buttons . At the top of the various game modes, among which you can choose Home, Teleport and Walk is. The walk mode allows you to move your avatar around the map with the help of the crosshead, while Teleport allow us to travel anywhere in the globe with a single click.

    With the release of Pokémon Go Tutuapp we can Pokémons hunt, conquer gyms and eggs hatch faster. And all without getting up from the couch, but everything has a price …

    The dangers of cheating

    Pokemon Go Tutuapp

    As you may have guessed, not Tutuapp you can download from any official store, so the only way to get it is installing an APK . The peligros install external applications to Google Play already spoken at length, and that is if we get apps by unofficial routes, there is no guarantee that the code has been altered and contain malware.

    it would not be the first time that malware tries to sneak into our devices as Pokémon Go . During the first days since its release, the game was not available in all regions and had to download by this method. However, although the first APK was totally safe, a few days appeared a versión DroidJack containing altered , a Trojan that opens a backdoor on the device and exposes its contents.

    Pokemon Go Tutuapp

    the case of Tutuapp we find particularly striking permissions required by the application when installed. Like Pokémon that infected APK Go also it includes some pretty suspicious permissions as control over the call log and SMS messages.

    Once installed Tutuapp, we find a kind of Chinese App Store from where you can install the modified version of Pokémon Go, although in this case has not asked us for any strange permission, and take full advantage of the map without giving any step, but the risks do not end here.

    The other risk you face if use this method it is to be banned Pokemon Go. Niantic is taking seriously that the coaches not to cheat and recently announced the baneos permanent for users who do not follow the rules.

    As this method distorts our GPS location, it is easy to detect the trap Niantic. There are cases of players who have been banned in just a few hours after using Tutuapp version, so if you decide to do, we recommend you do not use your main account or you could lose all your Pokémon.

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    The news Pokémon Go and versions ‘trick’ of Tutuapp: the dangers of hunting Pokémon from the couch was originally published in Engadget Android by Amparo Babiloni .

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    Go and versions Pokémon ‘trick’ of Tutuapp: the dangers of hunting Pokémon from the couch
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    August 23, 2016

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