Goes up the price of Judgment in Japan after announcing SEGA its withdrawal

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    Up to 404 $ for a copy.

    last week, SEGA announced the withdrawal of the sale of Judgment after that Pierre Taki, one of the actors in the game, was arrested, accused of alleged use of drugs.

    Because of that Taki is being replaced in several papers – for example, it is the voice of Olaf in the japanese version of Kingdom Hearts III, the Judgment original has become an object worthy of collecting.

    The price has skyrocketed

    When the Judgment, was published for the first time, had a price of 8953 yen (about $ 80). Because the units will not be reissued at a time, the prices of the game have significantly increased.

    In-store Geo, the price went up almost $ 20

    On the tweet that we leave on these lines, can be seen a store shelf Geo: the used copies have a value of 5480 yen ($ 49) on the day that he announced the withdrawal of the game, the 13 of march. The photo on the right was taken the next day: the price of a copy second-hand rose to 7480 yen (us $ 67).

    Other stores have been inflated equally the price of the game. Below, you can see how a copy of Judgment round as the 9241 yen (83 dollars).

    And that is not much in comparison to these desorbitantes prices: some go from the 12.980 yen (us $ 116) to the 14.567 yen (131 dollars).

    the icing on The cake, however, puts this used copy of 45,000 yen (404$ ):

    it Seems that little by little, so yes, they are appearing copies at more reasonable prices:

    Judgment is the new action game in third person and adventure from the creators of Yakuza for the PlayStation 4. For more information, we invite you to read our impressions here.

    go up the price of Judgment in Japan after announcing SEGA your

    Goes up the price of Judgment in Japan after announcing SEGA its withdrawal
    Source: www.vandal.net  
    March 18, 2019

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