Google Allo: all the information of why you can chat with contacts who do not have the application

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  • Message Preview

    the launch of the app messaging smart Google Allo has been accompanied by a new feature that has been the culprit of the two surprises that we have seen both the you download the application, nothing more to come out as those who still have not downloaded the application.

    If you were of the first to install Google Allo you will surely get surprised to see that you already had quite a few contacts using Allo, thing that seemed impossible. You were sending a message to a contact, and you could see as you could chat, ask if they already had Allo and came the other surprise, your touch you said no, he does not know who is Allo, and that you are responding from a notification has gone out.

    Messages preview application

    Google Allo has been released alongside a new function the Services from Google Play that helps the users to reach more easily your contacts from messaging applications. It is the new messages preview application.

    Message preview

    Google wants to make it easier to connect with your contacts through Android regardless of the application messages that use. His idea is that you can send messages to your contacts regardless of the application that each user is using.

    The idea that Google is testing through Allo you can send messages to any of your contacts in the phonebook that have a mobile number associated with it, although there have downloaded the application.

    Your contact whether or not the application you’ll be able to chat with him. If your contact does not have the application installed as it will have to settle with chat from the notification, which in turn invites you to download the application.

    This means that not all of your contacts of Allo have downloaded the app, and there is no way of knowing who if you have really Allo. The list of contacts of Allo is limited to say what contacts you can chat, regardless of whether they are installed or not Allo.

    Then why can’t I chat with some contacts with Allo and with others I can only send a SMS to invite them to use the application? Because Google is testing a small number of users, is function, thereby gradually allowing you to send messages from Allo to most users though don’t have it installed.

    Google is also working with more messaging services so that they can also do the same thing that Allo, which surely soon WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber or Telegram, to name a few, also allow us to chat with contacts that don’t have the application installed.

    how You can turn off the message preview?

    Yes, if you do not want to receive messages from messaging applications that not you have installed Google allows you to ignore these messages preview application. To do this, when you see a message preview app, tap on Understood to view the entire message. Then tap on Ignore and select one of three options:

    • Ignore this conversation
    • Ignore and mark as spam
    • Disable notifications

    For example, if we are not Onsite and want to stop receiving messages, we need to turn off your notifications from your message, preview, selected the option to turn off notifications for Allo. Once disabled, our contacts will no longer be able to send messages from Allo.

    More information | Google
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    Xataka Android

    Google Allo: all the information of why you can chat with contacts who do not have the application
    September 24, 2016

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