Google Cloud Messaging open to developers

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  • Google continues to innovate a little more each day services for developers creating androids. This time, Google has launched a new service sending data through the cloud . Google Cloud Messaging data allows us to send data to ourselves, to other users or our application on our Android device.

    This service Google was beginning stands C2DM ( Cloud to Device Messaging ), but after his release from beta changed its name to GCM ( Google Cloud Messaging ). In short, is the way to receive push notifications on our Android apps .

    This service goodly impact on various aspects of life android. I mean, you can improve a lot of existing applications to improve the notifications and reduce consumption of the smartphone, the not have these to be asking the server every few minutes information on pending notifications.

    Exit Through this service developers can send a message to the application lightweight to tell there collect information server, for example, a few new messages or pictures. In short, a push notification . A good example would Whatsapp . We send a message to the server, which is responsible for telling the other user who has a message to read. As application does not have to be asking the server every “X” if there are messages waiting time .

    For the moment, Google Cloud Messaging is open to developers for free . More information about the API in this link .

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    Google Cloud Messaging open to developers
    January 3, 2013

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