Google Drive for Android will feature automatic backup of Google Photos

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    Google Drive Photos

    Many services cloud storage like Dropbox or OneDrive allows us through their applications automatically upload to their servers a copy photos and videos from the camera to take our mobile, which is currently Google Drive alone does not, but all indications are that this will change very soon.

    Currently Google has relegated automatic backup of photos and videos to Google+ Photos , forcing us to use Google + , but now know thanks to the source code of the new version of Google Drive that are implemented there automatic backup of Google Photos


    Auto Backup saves your new and Existing photos and videos to your Photos library so that you ‘ll never lose them. To manage Auto Backup, go to Google Settings. More about Auto Backup
    Backup your photos
    Turn on
    You can keep track of receipts and Important documents by scanning them as PDFs Directly into Drive.
    Google Photos
    Your Google Photos will appear here .
    All set. Your photos and videos are Being backed up.
    Auto Add
    New photos will no longer be added to your Google Photos folder.
    “Automatically put into a Google Photos folder in ‘My Drive’. “% 1 $ s
    Auto Backup
    Automatically back up new photos and videos to Google Photos.
    Google Photos
    Turn on <

    Everything indicates that Google Photos will separate shortly Google+, becoming a gallery and editor in which the autosave would already managed by Google Drive , which makes more sense. According to the source code also could view and manage photos and videos from Google Photos from Drive

    Via |. Android Police
    In Engadget Android | Google Drive for Android and allows us to organize files with drag and drop

    News Google Drive for Android will feature automatic backup of Google Photos was originally published in Engadget Android by Cosmos .

    Engadget Android

    Google Drive for Android will feature automatic backup of Google Photos
    March 8, 2015

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