Google Duo 34.0: you can share the screen of your mobile in a video call


After several months of waiting, the function to share your screen reaches the application calls Google Duo in its new update to the release 34.

Google Duo 34 allows us to share during a video call everything that appears on the screen of our mobile phone, or vice versa, see in our mobile phone all that appears on the screen of the other person.

This new function is very useful when we have to help a family member or friend solve some problem in your mobile, as they guide you step-by-step to see what you are seeing at that moment on the screen.

Share screen

Google Duo

To share the screen so we just have to start a video with our contact. When you accept the call, in the controls we will see the new option with the icon of a phone. When you click on that icon, we will come out the first time, a message that warns us that when press on “Start now” Duo begin to capture everything that appears on screen.


While we are sharing the screen you will see the option to pause or stop the streaming. When you cancel we will return to the video call.

[[update: {“text”:”Note: The update Google Duo processor 34 activates this function in the application, but it seems that it does not currently work at all, since the other person does not finish viewing the shared screen. It seems that Google has missed to activate something on their servers.”}]]

Duo by Google

Google Duo

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Xataka Android | Google Duo: now you can send video messages or voice when they do not respond to your calls

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Google Duo 34.0: you can share the screen of your mobile in a video call

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