Google explains how to switch from iPhone to the new Pixel in the two video tutorials

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    Changing from iPhone to Google Pixel

    That Android dominates the mobile landscape is a reality that will hardly change, but despite being leaders in Google do not want to miss the chance to convert more users of the apple, and the new Google Pixel are the perfect reason to try to persuade them of the change.

    we Already knew that the new Pixel and Pixel XL come with a USB OTG adapter to be able to ease the transition from other devices, and now Google puts its focus on the users of iPhone with two new video tutorials that explains step-by-step the process.

    Converting infidels to blow Pixel

    the first of The two videos posted on the official channel of Google on YouTube describes the steps to transferir all the information from your old iPhone to the new Pixel. Moving from iOS to Android has not always been so easy, but it is now much faster thanks to the USB OTG adapter included in the box of the new devices ‘made by Google’.

    The wizard will guide you through the process and, when the moment arrives, only you will have to connect the Lightning cable from the iPhone to the terminal of Google using the adapter to transfer all data like contacts, photos, videos, calendar data, music, mails and even messages.

    Before you start the process it is necessary to turn off iMessage and FaceTime. In addition, both devices must have at least a 50% load so it will not interrupt the process.

    The second video can serve both users of the iPhone as anyone when it debuts on Android with the new Pixel. In him give the keys to start with a Google Pixel, from the placement of the buttons until the initial aspects of the system such as Google Assistant, how to organize the apps or to enter the Settings menu.

    More information | Google YouTube
    Xataka Android | The Google Pixel allow you to copy the data from your old iPhone or Android with connector OTG serial

    The news Google explains how to switch from iPhone to the new Pixel in the two video tutorials was originally published in Xataka Android by Amparo Babiloni .

    Xataka Android

    Google explains how to switch from iPhone to the new Pixel in the two video tutorials
    October 27, 2016

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