Google Fit launches widgets and improves the activity log

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    Google Fit launches widgets and improves the activity log

    After renewed last August with its new interface and the physical-activity recommendations of the WHO and AHA, Google Fit returns to receive important news with the update that will come during this week to its users.

    With their new release, Google Fit offers a faster access to our progress and a record of activity enhanced with the following new features:


    Google Fit

    The first novelty is that now we can add to the home screen of our Android device, the two new widgets of Google Fit. So we can see our progress without having to open the application. In a widget we can see the time and points of cardios achieved, and in another widget, steps, calories and minutes.

    Latest training

    Google Fit

    Now enter in the application, we will see in the main screen of our training last registered, showing the route on the map.

    Customize the intensity of activity

    Google Fit

    The third and final novelty is that now when you manually log a workout you can adjust the intensity of the same through the new slide bar which you will see at the bottom. the Adjust the points cardio made.

    Google Fit: follow-up activity and health

    Google Fit-monitoring of activity and healthVaries depending on the device.

    Via | Google

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    Google Fit launches widgets and improves the activity log
    December 10, 2018

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