Google fixes the problems of display Pixel 2 XL with a new mode saturated and less brightness

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    The security patch November for the phones Pixel was more likely to protect the vulnerability KRACK. Attacked where it was most are simply the latest phones from Google as we have been able to realize in our analysis: screen.

    there Are three developments that have been introduced in this patch. It has been reduced the maximum brightness of the screen at 50 nits, have been made to the navigation bar turn off your colours after a period of inactivity, and has been introduced for the expected mode of saturated color.

    more vibrant Colors

    Facing criticism from users that the colors of the display Pixel 2 XL are turned off, Google has protected that “the color mode is a choice of each one” and that the goal is to achieve a reproduction that is more faithful to the colors.


    at The end Google has had to surrender to the request of the users and, as planned, offers a new color mode that receives the appropriate name of Saturated. To activate it, the colors are more vivid and less faithful to reality, warns Google, similar to how it is displayed in the first Pixel. This color is available in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

    Navigation is switched off

    One of the problems that plague the OLED displays is the image retention / burning of the display screen when an image remains static for a long time. Google afirmó be working with developers to include a navigation bar clear it matching with the theme of the application, and has now decided to take action in the matter.

    Bar Left: the normal bar. Right: bar turned off.

    In this update the navigation bar is turned off by changing the buttons in white on the other in a gray off after a certain period of inactivity. This change is available for both the Pixel 2 to Pixel 2 XL.

    Reduction of brightness

    The latest addition to novelty, although in theory you should not be able to perceive it, is the reduction of the maximum brightness of the screen. Are only 50 nits which, according to Google, you should be unable to perceive but they will help to significantly reduce the burden of the screen. In this case, it only affects the Pixel 2 XL.

    it Seems clear that Google plans to fix the problems of the display Pixel 2 XL with software and patches, although we will have to see to what extent it is possible. Improve, yes, but the “blueness” when you view the screen from a certain angle can hardly be corrected only by zeros and ones.

    Via | Android Police
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    Google fixes the problems of display Pixel 2 XL with a new mode saturated and less brightness
    November 7, 2017

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