Google hides a mini-game of tennis in your search: this activates

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    Google hides a mini-game of tennis in your search: you can activate

    Google does not waste the occasion to include minigames in a good part of their products. If you recently created a clone of Flappy Bird for when you did not have connection, now to premiere mini-game of tennis in the search results, always and when you do the particular search.

    it Is a very simple game, following the essence of the dinosaur jumping Google Chrome, but it is more complicated and addicting than it would in an instant. To find it you need to search for Wimbledon and touch the precise place: the tennis ball.

    New easter egg in Google

    If you get bored and you don’t have at that time any game installed on the mobile phone, fear not: all you need is a Google search to try out the latest easter egg from the company. It is a game of tennis easy and that you can access from the Google application or Google’s web.

    All you need to do is to look for “Wimbledon” and slide horizontally the tabs with information (unless you fit all on the screen, because you have a tablet or the mobile in landscape), until you find the icon of the tennis ball. Tap on it to open the minigame.


    The game itself is very simple. Playing to one or the other side of the screen move your character, so you have to position it properly so that you can return the ball. Keep in mind that always catches the racket with the same hand.


    The dolls change each time you start the game, but otherwise it is a game dramatically simple but not easy. The system will remember your high score, try to improve yourself.

    Via | Android Police

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    Google hides a mini-game of tennis in your search: this activates
    July 11, 2019

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