Google Keep means text manuscript to make life a little more

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    Google Keep

    If you look on the Play Store, is sure to applications to take notes there will be an ending, some more powerful than others and many of them specifically designed thinking in work environments where productivity is everything.

    however, these applications usually have countless options that complicate its use, and surely will be many more users that require an application more easily and quickly to perform a task that is often need instantaneous. This is Google Keep, a powerful application for saving notes, that in addition allows us to do so in a very simple way.

    What is certain is that by Keep we have to give the congratulations to the guys at Google, because not only is he escaped an urgent need of the operating system, but Google Keep becomes the stroke of a pen in more than a note-taking app, because it almost is a full-service come to give us life to the hour to remember things.

    Probably Google Keep is the most powerful application of Google regarding its simplicity, because with four options and a few details it becomes a full-service, synchronized note-taking

    Google has been making it grow little by little, the options of Keep, with that we can already take notes, make lists, keep reminders with alarm, notes, drawn, etc, All this in addition to saved in the cloud to access the information from any device.

    not only that, But since the last version that the giant search engine is about to publish in Play Store will allow us to write by hand then scan the text and convert it automatically to a digital text editable.

    Img 20161201 225740

    To do this, it will be as simple as enter the mode for drawing and writing directly, press then in the top right corner to the options button and select the option of text recognition.

    What’s wrong? There is always something wrong, and this time is that mode OCR implemented by Google will not at all fine and sometimes, or does not recognize fully the text or gives an error, although it is true that probably this option is finished by polishing with the passage of time.

    it Was something logical, especially because terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy Note were already for years the handwriting on your application S Note, and even Google has a “keyboard manual” that allows you to write freehand.

    The new version is already available for those who want to test this improvement, however, you will have to download the installer APK outside Google Play, where it is not yet available. The version is the 3.4.462.01, and the code even lets us see that in the future there will be stickers, shapes and many new developments that are to come.

    Google Keep-notes and lists

    Google Keep-notes and listsVaries with device

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    Google Keep means text manuscript to make life a little more
    December 1, 2016

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