Google launches Gallery Go, an app gallery that weighs 10 MB and it sorts the pictures automatically

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    Google launches Gallery Go, an app gallery that weighs 10 MB and orders the images automatically

    Google has an app of photography that stands out greatly: Google Photos. It is an app from the gallery, no doubt, but in addition is a cloud-unlimited and free to save all our photos and videos. It has been recently updated with a “Express Mode” to upload photos in reduced quality using the mobile data, a function designed for emerging markets such as India. These markets are again protagonists and they have been developed Gallery Go.

    finished applications on “Go”, as Maps Go, are applications designed for the phones are less powerful (generally with a Android Go), so that Gallery Go is not anything other than an app gallery light, though no less powerful. It is completely free, it weighs less than 10 MB and comes loaded with functions.

    Organization of photos and automatic detection of faces in a mini size

    As we said, Gallery Go app is a gallery very lightweight weighs only 10 MB. This makes it ideal for mobile less potent or with little storage and, of course, for those who are looking for a gallery app simple, simple and well designed. In addition, all functions are offline, so no Internet access is required.

    And what are these functions? There are several, but highlights three. The first is that Gallery Go scans the memory of our phone and, using artificial intelligence, is able to organize your photos by categories (people, selfies, nature, animals, documents, videos and films), all this without the need to be connected. In addition, as if you Google Pictures it were, with face detection, although this feature is not available in all countries.

    To use Gallery Go it is not necessary to sign in with a Google account or Internet connection

    Also, Gallery Go provides the user with the automatic settings, and a editor easy for those who want to tweak elements such as light or saturation. To do this, simply choose a photo, click on the icon of the magic wand and let the app do its work. Finally, it is compatible with folders and microSD card, so you can organize your photos your way.

    As we said, Gallery GO app is a completely free. Do not have ads, micropayments, and it is not necessary to log in with the Google account. There is only give you permission to access the internal storage. If you want to take a look, you can download it already from Google Play on any Android mobile.

    Gallery Go

    Gallery Go

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    Google launches Gallery Go, an app gallery that weighs 10 MB and it sorts the pictures automatically
    July 24, 2019

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