Google Lens will come to more Android devices in the coming weeks

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    Google Lens

    The powerful tool of visual search Google Lens will no longer be exclusive to the device Pixel in a few days. Google has just confirmed that Google Lens will reach the rest of the devices in the coming weeks.

    Google Lens was one of the major developments of the past I/Or 2017. Thanks to this tool you only need to take a photo of what we’re looking for Google to tell us that it is. Recognizes objects, products, landscapes, landmarks, buildings, animals, plants, texts and much more.

    Google Lens

    In the next few weeks Google Lens will be available through the app Google Photos to any user who has the latest version of the application on Android and iOS. In the mobile high end Lens is integrated into the Wizard of Google. Yes, at the moment Google only launched Lens in the configured devices in English. In the future will support more languages and be integrated in more devices.

    Google Lens

    Google Lens is still a preview, and from that came a couple of months ago have not stopped adding new features, such as the selection of text or the ability to create contacts and events from a photo. In the next few weeks will improve the support to recognize different breeds of animals and plants common.

    More information | Google
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    The news Google Lens will come to more Android devices in the coming weeks was originally published in Xataka Android by Cosmos .

    Xataka Android

    Google Lens will come to more Android devices in the coming weeks
    February 23, 2018

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