Google Maps finally help download maps Spain

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    Google Maps

    It seemed that the day would arrive, but finally we can download maps of Spain Google Maps , and therefore enjoy the búsqueda and offline browsing recently released the application.

    Download area with Google Maps will allow us to save on our data rate and not depend on the coverage, especially when we go with the car with the right steps, which depended on the data connection to recalculate the route signs. Now we can use in Spain Google Maps offline


    Download Zone

    To use Google Maps offline first we have to do download their maps , which are made by area. Spain can not download whole at once, but if we can do by areas. Unloading areas may be up to about 300×300 kilometers

    To download area we have three options .

    The first option is to open the navigation and go to Areas offline . There clicking on the blue + icon and you can download an area. There already so we can only move the discharge area to select the area you want to download. Reducing the map plus map is downloaded up to its limits.

    Download Zone

    The second option to download an area is find the name of the town or make a long press, touch the bottom bar having the place name and click on Download or if we complicate a little more press Menu> Download area offline.

    Download Zone

    Finally, the third option is to look Ok Maps . When looking this word active you can download the area or in any of the other options.

    Download Zone

    Manage areas

    Download Zone

    Google Maps unloaded areas are managed from Areas offline . There, while adding new areas, we can update or delete them manually. The maps will expire in 30 days, but in the connection settings can say that automatically update

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    Google Maps finally help download maps Spain
    November 19, 2015

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