Google Maps gives us access to data from the National Weather Service


Google Maps brings experimental map where we can deploy multiple layers on top of a map, all related to the current weather conditions with data from the National Weather Service.

On the left side of the map have a number of options for we display the desired information: we listed some “quick layers” between where we deploy updated radar data, satellite images, weather-related hazards, tropical climate data, images from webcams or type of map (with terrain , in dark colors, street, hybrid maps, etc..). If this is not enough, we can click “more layers” to access more options.

In addition to enabling all these layers, we can access the weather information of a particular item anywhere in the world by clicking the right button of our mouse, although some areas are still not functional (if it is, it seems, in any area of ​​USA: Clicking we describe the weather from now until next week, separated by days).

As we have said, is still in the experimental stage and some layers or functions may be slow or not deployed correctly, but will certainly be a good reference tool when you optimize.


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Google Maps gives us access to data from the National Weather Service

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