Google Maps improves support for Assistant in its latest version

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    Google Maps improves support for Assistant in its latest version

    Maps is one of the products most used of Google and also one of the most news you receive. Recently, la map app par excellence, has welcomed news as the hashtags in reviews, night mode or ability to follow business.

    The latest novelty that comes to Google Maps has to do with the wizard of Google, and is focused to make it less intrusive and we can do more with your voice without having to leave the application.

    More voice commands without exiting Maps

    Google Maps Assistant

    The integration wizard in Google Maps is not new. Until now we could use the voice for a route to perform different actions, but with the new version is improved integration of the form qeu the wizard is less intrusive and does not lead us outside of the app.

    on A visual level, the main change is that the microphone icon is colored, while when you listen to a bar appears at the bottom. At the level of functions is where there is more news because we will now be able to do some actions without leaving the app, for example to play music or send messages. In previous versions, although Maps is not closed, yes leads us to another app while leaving the first in PiP mode.

    changes are coming gradually in the version 10.4.1 of Google Maps. Recently, we learned that Google was testing the sending alerts inside the app, but for the moment this option has not been activated.

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    Google Maps improves support for Assistant in its latest version
    December 3, 2018

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