Google Messages begins to activate the SMS verified

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  • Google Messages begins to activate the SMS-verified

    If a couple of weeks ago, Google jumped to the operators to launch the chat messages RCS in united States, now begins casting another important feature to your implementation of Messaging.

    Google has begun to activate the SMS verified, a new security measure that confirms the identity of a company to avoid phishing attacks. Yes, it seems that this is being activated in the united States but is expected to soon reach the rest of the world.

    SMS Verified

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    Google and the carriers want to compete with the standard RCS against WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business also using the new standard RCS Business.

    companies will use RCS Business to send rich messages, such as images, videos, audio recordings, QR codes, or direct responses to chat with your bot. But what is more important is that in the name of the company will see a badge that will tell us that that account is verified and we will display the logo of the company, as an indicator of who is actually the company who has sent us the message, and not an attacker.

    This check the companies also has started to reach the SMS. In Google Messages > Settings > SMS verified you can activate to verify the identity of the sender. Google will only check if the number that sent us the message really is that company to add the logo and check the logo of the company.


    we Hope Google doesn’t take in to activate this function in most countries, as this security measure will help us to prevent phishing attacks.

    Via | Android Police

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    Xataka Android

    Google Messages begins to activate the SMS verified
    November 28, 2019

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