Google Messages begins to activate your protection against spam

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    Google Messages begins to activate your spam protection

    Google does not want you to call for any commercial or unsolicited message annoys us, and it is for this reason that since the beginning of the year is adding the spam protection in our Android devices.

    In April of this year, this protection came to the application of Phone, by filtering the calls suspected of spam. Now the protection starts to get to the application Messaging.

    Spam Protection


    The application Google Messages you have to test your new spam protection, activated this new feature to a small number of users. This is a release that is staggered with what they can spend weeks or months that are selected in all over the world.

    This new protection will try to detect the unwanted messages from senders that have been identified by Google as spammers, so the app will mark such messages as spam as it does currently in Gmail.

    If we receive a message that is not desired that the filter Google Messages has not been able to detect we can touch “Mark as spam” so that the application can better detect spam in the future. Also the opposite may happen, that we receive a message and be flagged as spam by mistake, in that case we can tell it “Not spam”.

    Via | Android Police

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    Google Messages begins to activate your protection against spam
    December 29, 2018

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