Google Music Play Android 5.6 adds support for TV, downloaded and see [APK]

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    Google is normally update their apps midweek, but every so often surprises us with a small update any of its multiple apps. Now it is the turn to Google Play Music which is updated to version 5.6.

    The update includes a few details, including the side menu now see a button to display only the songs you have downloaded and we are on our device. The app shows as we see in the image below its own screen for these songs. This change also involves small changes in the interface as replacement button “pin” for download.


    Another addition is the support for Android TV , although this change involves a reduction in the limit of devices that can synchronize. Remain ten, but now will be five phones and others should be or smartwatch, televisions ..

    We leave the link to Google Play APK and for those who want to try as soon as the latest version of Service Google music, one that with the arrival of the new Android (Wear, TV and Auto) begins to have a starring role.

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    Google Music Play Android 5.6 adds support for TV, downloaded and see [APK]
    July 1, 2014

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