Google Now on Tap and in Spanish: so you can learn from what you see on screen

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    Now on Tap

    Between todas Android updates to Marshmallow had a very interesting that until now was only available in English. We speak of the evolution of Google assistant with the new Now on Tap is now available in Spanish , Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

    Google Now on Tap is a new feature that allows information quickly without having to leave the application you are using. With Now on Tap, Google will show information from what appears on screen, based on in context


    Enable Google Now with a touch

    Now on Tap

    To enjoy Google Now on Tap we have to have Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher * and implementation of Google updated. To activate it we go to the application ** Google , go to Settings> Cards Now and activate Google Now with a touch . If this option does not appear we’ll have to wait for Google to automatically activate us during the coming days.

    Using Google Now with a touch

    use Google Now with a touch just have to hold down the Home button from any application. In making this action Google analyze the text to display to show information that could be useful to us through your Google Now cards that will link us to other applications, to videos and details.

    Now on Tap

    Google Now with a touch can get information:

    • Restaurants: located restaurants and other points of interest on the screen above
    • Music:. ​​ get more information about an artist or a song without exiting the music player
    • Movies:. know the opinions of those who have already seen a movie and its distribution from any screen that display your title
    • People.. Find out more information on celebrities and stars that are named in the news
     Now on Tap

    Share screenshot

    Now on Tap

    Finally, Google Now with a touch also allows us to share a quick screen capture thanks to its option of sharing, which makes a capture screen and automatically asks with whom we share

    In Google Play. | Google
    In Engadget Android | Con Google Now on Tap never been easier to share a screenshot

    News Google Now on Tap and in Spanish: so you can learn from what you see on screen was originally published in Engadget Android by Cosmos .

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    Google Now on Tap and in Spanish: so you can learn from what you see on screen
    December 15, 2015

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