Google Pay will allow to add tickets and boarding cards

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    Google Pay is preparing to become the Android alternative to Apple’s Wallet (previously Passbook). The application of payments of Google is not satisfied with support cards and payment bonds to the public transport, now also bet on tickets, tickets and boarding passes.

    Since a few weeks, Google Pay allows you to add the ticket transport some U.s. companies to avoid having to print or use the official application of the company, and it seems that during the next few weeks to extend that support to the airline companies and companies of events.

    The source code of the latest version of Google Pay hides references to the support of the boarding pass and inputs event.

    For the boarding pass to the application Google Pay to advise you of the gate, the time of departure, seat number along with more information, such as if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

    For event entries Google Pay you will show the section, row and number of your seat in addition to the date and time of the show.

    it Seems that at the time of purchasing a flight or an entry from the web page of the company will appear the button “Add Google Pay” so that it appears in the application of our mobile device. It is unknown whether we will manually add the boarding cards and tickets.

    With these features that are coming to Google Pay the application already will not be exclusively of payments, but also will serve to identify saving credentials of our boarding cards, tickets and tickets.

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    Xataka Android | How to use Google Pay to carry the loyalty cards of your favorite stores

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    Google Pay will allow to add tickets and boarding cards
    April 22, 2018

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