Google Photos: Deleting a photo or video of the device without erasing your backup

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    Google Photos

    With the unlimited free high-quality storage (photos up to 16 megapixels and 1080p videos) Google Photos can always carry in our devices synchronized all our photographs and videos and do not hold nothing internal storage through your backups in the cloud.

    But for the photos and videos we have made since our devices stop occupying space we have to erase once they have uploaded your Backup Google Photos , and for that we just have to delete the photos from a specific option but still not everyone has discovered


    Removing the device only copy of a photo or video

    Google Photos

    It is customary that when going to delete a photo or video you press on the trash icon, which will tell us the first time that the selected files will be deleted of all devices, that is to say the original copy of internal storage and backup in the cloud of Google Photos will be deleted. The option to trash just have to press it if we delete the photos and videos forever everywhere . The paper allows us to restore files for 60 days, then they will be purged.

    Google Photos

    If you want to keep your backup and all you want to do is delete the copy of the device to stop taking up space but still appears on Google Photos by synchronizing our gallery in the cloud and tenemo to delete the items with the “Delete copy of the device” that on the menu.

    The “Delete copy device” remove only the original file from our device to no longer occupy more space, keeping your backup in the cloud if it exists. If we are to be deleted from the Photos section of the device copy an item without copying the application will warn us of it to cancel the operation to climb all the photos and videos to our own. If there is a copy in the cloud will be deleted from the device.

    Google Photos

    If you perform this operation from the” Folders device “there always will show a warning, in which we tell you continue to see these elements as long as there copy safety, if there is no such backup will be erased forever. We do not guarantee that all items will erase have their respective copies, which is should delete the photos and videos from your Photos section, as there always warn us if anything we want delete the device has its climb back up to the cloud.

    Google Photos

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    Google Photos: Deleting a photo or video of the device without erasing your backup
    June 19, 2015

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