Google Photos is the new success of the old Google

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    Google Photos is the new success of the old Google

    More than 100 million users in less than 5 months. 3,720 terabytes of photos are hosted there. Google Photos is a success. Google became successful because of its origins, to what they do best.

    May, the Google Photos service has not even six months old and has already won attract more than 100 million monthly active users .

    This is a service of unlimited online storage of images for the web and mobile, with applications Android and iOS. Its main advantages are the same as they did being, Google services, top. The products that made Google products like Gmail rather than Google +.

    It’s simple, not intrusive, it does not advocate nor imposes the use of products outside the interest of its users and combines the best features of its rivals adding differences and clear improvements in the experience thanks to what they do best. collect data and treat

    100 million users are many users, even if compared to the bigger and better Internet. Twitter it took five years to achieve the same amount of users that Google has achieved in five months. Even Instagram took over two years to achieve that figure. In addition, a photo storage service is not like a social network. If you use one, you stay there until Migres one better, and after thinking well. Requires moving hundreds or thousands of photos, it is something that connects you to the service. And Google has been created which combines the best of all at the best price: free. Users are no members “zombies” Google Photos and 3,720 stores terabytes of photos.

    Photos which are analyzed and classified to provide added value to the user. It’s not perfect, but it does very well and is one of the best examples of machine learning applied successfully today.

     Google / Connie Zhou

    Google / Connie Zhou

    When something is good – and necessary, as is the service – popularized and dominates. Do you remember from Gmail? Google does not reinvented the email but created a free mail, plus a better web interface than the competition, offering large amounts of free storage solutions for the company and Gmail has just added compared to other services IMAP. He simply better service than others.

    Google Photos is the new Gmail of Google, not the new Google+. Their weapons are the same: simplicity, ease of use, immediacy and best of Google in the service of the user experience. Its algorithms provide much value to the user, it is something that almost anyone can replicate so accurately and complexity. This is Google by definition, is the Google we knew. Services that for years seemed the best and even only for the majority.

    Google is the Google Photos to recodábamos, we longed to. A Google that offers what it does best, without a mist with dubious practices.


    Google Photos is the new success of the old Google
    October 21, 2015

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