Google Play Music Special: PC and Android Operation

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    Play Music


    Many know the advantages of Google Play Music, a completely different platform all hitherto existing regarding work in the cloud is that, although we had tools like Spotify, Grooveshark, Musicovery, Rockola, Fliis, Fizy or Deezer in enabling us to listen to music in the cloud as there were some impediments to store our own music or disadvantage to download music to your mobile device to listen to offline and not being able to drain our battery or make payment prior subscription such as Spotify Premium .

    Google Play Music allows raising our own music to a limit of 20,000 songs Up to 250 MB per song or what is, is capable of storing music 4882.8 GB If for example all our songs weigh the maximum allowed.

    Obviously not all confined to our own music but we buy new songs through the Music Play Store store both from their website as the Play Store for Android .

    Another advantage is that, like payment service Spotify Premium, Google Play Music to sync and download music for dispose of it in case you do not have internet or not wanting to use our data bonus . To do this we can select playlists, artists or specific albums to make them available offline. In addition to those songs have been played recently will also be stored in the internal memory of your phone.

    What do I need to use Google Play Music?

    To use Google Play Music need to have a Google account on your device. If you do not have or want to use another Google Account to use Google Play Music library will add from: Settings> Accounts> Add account> OK. After adding the account from the account settings you can activate synchronization with Google Play Music.

    We go authorizing devices that work with Google Play Music that may not exceed 10 adding phones, tablets or computers to use Google Play Music Manager. From the settings page within the Google Play Music -> Settings authorized devices can review and, if it exceeds the limit, disavow any computer or mobile phone to add new one.

    To use Google Play Music is necessary to do so from one of these countries : Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Spain, USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and the UK.

    To purchase music through Google Play Music shop necessary have a Google Wallet account .

    Add our music and Google Play Music Manager

    First of all add our own music . This is what I get always have access to our records from anywhere without having to carry them from one side to the other in a physical device. Once uploaded you can access our songs from work, from mobile, since our second home or the home of a friend.

    This first thing to do is download the Google Play Music Manager available for Windows, Mac and Linux. With Google Play Music Manager you can:

    style=”line-height: 13px;”> Up Google Play music from your iTunes library or Windows Media Player from the folder where you have your music (My Music on Windows or Mac Music) or from other folders you choose.

  • Choosing between the ability to upload individual songs automatically or manually.
  • Set the bandwidth that you use to upload songs.
  • Check the progress of the songs that are boarding.
  • Download our entire library of Play Music, as well as any music files purchased from Google Play Store. If you want to download individual songs or a specific disk will have to be done directly from the website .
  •  MusicManager

    Note that despite having acquired an original song by applications like iTunes, this purchase is not real because in no time you can download the MP3 so that it can be used, transferred or stored on other devices than Apple devices.

    Supported files for uploading to Play Music are: MP3, AAC (without DRM protection ), WMA, and OGG Flag. Wma files are only compatible with the Windows version of Music Manager. FLAC files, ogg, and aac automatically be converted to 320 kbps mp3. “> Watch the video

    Buy music

    Both from the website of Google Play Music and from the application you can purchase both individual songs and albums complete and, often, are usually put some songs promotional free. In order to make purchases you must have a credit card or debit card account associated with our Google Wallet : Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and JBC.

    In addition to this pathway there is the option to purchase both music applications billed directly on the bill from your phone company , now you can make purchases on Google Play on client if Vodafone and Movistar in Spain.

    The third method but not available in Spain is the use of Gift Cards Google Play that are purchased at gas stations, malls, etc.. although currently only possible acquisition in the U.S..

    When you start buying a song or track record we request that we want to use to pass by the amount of the purchase in which if we linked our card correctly we will get on the list. Also, if you are making the purchase directly from the mobile phone and this is connected to the cellular network and not WiFi and we Movistar Vodafone customers can acquire passing the charge to your phone bill.

    Once purchased already have available in our library, we can download it from our devices and linked to Google Play Music also warn you about the new availability for if we have it in offline mode or listen.

    Use Google Play Music from your computer

    As mentioned before, only allowed A maximum of 10 authorized devices to make use of Google Play Music but had not said something important and that can not play music on Google Play Music in two devices or locations simultaneously both being necessary to pause or stop playback in a place to continue in the other.

    It is important to know one thing and that is that if we play music from the website, Google Play Music automatically detect speed of your connection Internet, considering this will adjust the bit rate depending on the bandwidth we have available. For example, if you have a good connection or fiber use, the music is played at a higher speed and quality (up to 320 kbps).

    Once inside our Google Library Play Music observe in the left sidebar four basic sections of the website that we will explain in turn: Listen Now, My Library, Instant Mixes and Shop.

    Listen now

    Listen section From now display a summary musical based on the recently played songs together the artists you like as designated at the time, or based music similar to what you heard recently and the music you’ve purchased lately. As with many Google services, the more music you hear and more information you have Google Play Music on you (your likes, your opinion, etc.) work best under “Listen Now” at the time of show recommendations to listen.

    When we put the cursor over a cover appear in the upper right corner of the same three buttons vertically to access the album menu where you can delete the album or change the name.

    When you initiate playback by clicking on an album will appear in the bottom of a typical web page playback menu where you can pause, skip to the next or previous song in the list, appreciate the song with 5 stars, add a playlist (which also can be done by dragging the list on the left), start instant mix, share a sample of the song on our Google+ profile or select random play of songs from the list.

    Also, if we click on the album cover located on the bottom right of the cover is displayed full screen.

    My Library

    As the name suggests, from here we see our albums and music up or acquired in Google Play Music organized by Artists, Albums, Songs or Genres of music. Clicking on an album or artist discs show us that artist or album, Songs section directly play the song and the genre list we can choose which musical style we want to hear.

    Instant Mixes

    Instant Mixes From Google Play Music let you generate and create playlists best suited according to our tastes and genre you choose. For example, if we choose a mix instant Rock New Age or will consider putting the best possible mixtures of this kind according to our assessments and similarities between artists. A great way to be changing our listeners always hear the order preventing a disc, shuffle or always the same group or artist.

    If the mix that has created Google Play Music we like, we can save the tail , create a playlist and, of course, with our Android sync if we take him with us.


    From here go directly to the store of Google Play Music for to see the latest news, recommendations or we can interest groups to acquire the disc, discography or individual songs.

    automatic lists

    From the lists we shortcuts automatic logical lists as Play Queue we are currently listening to, high ranking as the best reviews we have done for our listeners, ready to recently added songs, list of songs that we have purchased or acquired for free, list of songs that have shared our contacts with us although we show only a small sample and it can be purchased directly option from there and finally the list of recommendations from Google Play the music you already have in our library or our tastes.


    In the playlists we create our lists or lists we can see we had already created in iTunes or Windows Media Player should have synchronized these applications with Google Play Music Manager. We rename the lists, add new songs by dragging them to the name of the list or delete songs no longer want to show us.

    These lists may be downloaded as a whole our app Play Music for Android well as any changes we make on the list will be reflected also in the list downloaded on Android.

    Use Google Play Music from Android

    Just as happens with the most Google services, the use of this service from an Android does not have to involve using a platform smaller or less complete options on the website. First of all remember that Google Play Music is available for terminals using version 2.2 and later.

    Once inside the implementation of Google Play, the most remarkable and first thing to pay attention is the top left of it. From there we can filter the results and shown between what we have stored in our mobile and all the music that we are on the phone or on the website.

    This is important to monitor the consumption of our data should not be connected to a WiFi network, if we have boundary issues in our flat rate data we can choose between All Music to hear anything via streaming or even choose different songs, albums or ready to be downloaded or download schedule for when we have free WiFi.

    Listen now

    Just as occurs from the website, the first thing you see when you run Play Music Android will be the section of “Listen Now” where we show what we have heard recently recommended according to our tastes or what you have purchased.

    If we pressed on the cover of the album or playlist we can see that compose songs but if pressed on the three points we can select menu celebrities starting a instant mix, add to the play queue if we are listening to something at that moment, saved to device, add to a list, go the artist where you can see more songs and albums that have it and, finally, access the shop to purchase more works created by the artist or group.

    In addition to listening to now have the access that was available in the web version of Google Play Music Access our library, playlists, instant mixes and shop.

    Playing Music

    Once we begin to hear a song we can see song information showing the album cover on the screen can select whether we like or do not like the song and the typical music player controls and move to the next or previous song in the queue or pause playback.

    Also, in the menu you can add the song that is playing to a queue, share with our contacts, delete or see more about this artist or the album.

    Also, during playback you will have the option of controlling the same from different shortcuts. The first thing you see is that which appears in the notification bar with controls next, previous or pauses and, if you click on the cover will lead to the application.

    Also, if you have the phone locked, will show a shortcut widget on the unlock screen making it not necessary to unlock the mobile to act on the song that is playing well if we have a headset, can change songs by double clicking the main button or pause it in one simple click reanudándola if we press on it.

    Manage our library from the application

    With the recent update of Google Play Music for Android is easier to manage our library adding the ability to delete music tracks and share songs and add to playlist in-situ . On the other hand, there is now the possibility of remove songs from the library .

    player options

    If we go to find player options settings extremely interesting to take full advantage of applying Play Music for Android as control discharges, activate a sound equalizer, etc..


    We show that we Google account linked the Play Music.

    Update songs

    If you do not have automatic synchronization enabled our account settings may update or change the existing new music on the platform of Google Play Music with our new songs appearing terminal, changes in our lists, new lists or new purchases.


    Although by default, sound settings are preset and usually not to make any changes, Play Music is an equalizer own if we want to make ourselves default settings or that we like when listening to music or a particular song and come ready to preset some settings different types of music as Voice, Rock, Jazz, etc..

    No explicit songs

    explicit songs are those that come with violent or inappropriate lyrics , Spanish songs although it makes no difference to foreign songs is possible to avoid this type of instant Mixes songs if our children or minors using the application and so spare depending trauma that song is.

    Cache during playback

    With this option enabled will store our music playlist temporarily in our device to prevent cuts in case you lose some coverage or bad sign.

    Automatic Cache

    With this option enabled can allow the application to do background downloading songs whenever the phone is connected to the power and WiFi available for it.

    Empty Cache

    You delete all the music you have downloaded and stored on the device in order to choose new songs or stop using the phone as a music player.

    Download only WiFi

    Enabling this option will notify the phone that downloads only the start when you have a WiFi connection but we ask that you download a song or album without this type of connection. If you select a song or album that is stored on the device, this download will not start until not establish a WiFi connection . This option is highly recommended .

    View Download Queue

    You can view the scheduled tasks download or tasks being carried out in that moment.

    WiFi only Play

    Activating this function will authorize Play Music to play music that is not on our device only when a connection WiFi and the mobile network.

    Play best quality

    In case you have a limited rate of mobile or WiFi, we can hear a song in a preset quality of speed and activating connection type but this will ask the music Play Music always be reproduced in the best quality but this will lead to higher consumption and higher data transfer charge.

    Play Music and Google+

    While linking Play Music with Google+ is not as good as it should as with Last.FM and Facebook with the ability to see what music you listen to a contact or see a statistic on how much music plays a week, the most listened to artists or songs, etc.. and why web services two totally separate and unrelated to each other , if there is some link between the two services.

    The first is the ability to share a song with our Google+ contacts through which they can hear a sample of the music we’re sharing both through the website and from the Google+ mobile app.

    Another link is visible from the Play Music website where you can see the recommendations made by our contacts in case of discovering new bands, artists or musical genre, like in Google+, we can hear a small sample of a song and a shortcut to Play Store to purchase the song.

    Google Play Music All Access

    In the last Google I / O big news was announced at Play Music and is to offer a music subscription service very similar to Spotify which gives the option to listen to any song in the catalog of Google Play but really do not have the file that song running in streaming. In addition to an improvement in the function of “Listen Now” where in addition to all the options that currently provide service Radio with recommendations based on your tastes, your songs and groups stored and ratings on these .

    This subscription service called All-Access is now available in the U.S. and will be expanded to other countries in the near future at a cost of $ 9.99 per month.

    Once available in Spain or has dates will notify you here!

    Hopefully the All-Access service is available as soon as possible in our country as well as improvements in the potential linkage and Play Music.

    Application in Google Play

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    Google Play Music Special: PC and Android Operation
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