Google Play opens a section for games with haptic feedback

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    The haptic response applications and games in our gadgets is fashionable, and although this functionality is not new, the fact is that Google wants to strengthen it by opening a new games section titled Play Store “Games you can feel” in which encompass a selection of stocks with haptic feedback.

    For those who do not know what we mean, a haptic response of a device is any interaction of the terminal by touch , as the slight vibration smartphone pressing letters or numbers on the keyboard or vibration in a game in response to a drop

    In the world of consumer electronics haptic responses began to be introduced at the controls of the consoles for many years, but the inherited smartphones to enhance interactivity between software and users.

    In this new section of Google Play find so interesting titles like Grand Theft Auto or Angry Birds Friends and racing games like Drag Racing that will make us feel in our hands down.

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    Google Play opens a section for games with haptic feedback
    April 23, 2015

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