Google Play Store 6.0, so the new interface that has already reached worldwide

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    New Google Play

    The wait is over, the new interface of Google Play Store is already available for everyone. The application store after new update to the 6.0 has already begun to activate your new design.

    Google Play Store 6.0 presents a new place for applications and games, and entertainment content such as movies, music, books and magazines, with a new design that will be easier to discover new content and offers

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    New content organization

    The new Play Store now enter all the applications and games on a tab and movies, music, books and magazines in the new tab Entertainment , thus and on the homepage of the store will not see mixed applications and entertainment content.

    New Google Play

    when Spain does not appear, but in each of these sections have pictures header to announce offers and new releases. Surely in the coming days to see complete redesign.

    Redesigned tabs

     New Google Play

    The design of the tabs to access categories, statistics and company has now become a kind of sandwich, a solution that makes the navigation bar is not as wide.

    New design categories

    New Google Play

    The section has also been renovated categories Now showing first horizontal list and the main categories followed after the list of all the Categories with identifying icons .

    Renewed navigation bar

    New Google Play

    Finally, also they reach colorful new icons to the side navigation bar . Now from the navigation bar can jump to all sections of the store

    Download. | Google Play Store 6.0
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    News 6.0 Google Play Store, so is the new interface that has already reached worldwide was originally published in Engadget Android by Cosmos .

    Engadget Android

    Google Play Store 6.0, so the new interface that has already reached worldwide
    November 19, 2015

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