Google Play Store test the simultaneous download of applications

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    Google Play Store test the simultaneous download of applications

    it Seems that the redesign of Google Play with Material Theming will not be the only novelty that we will see soon in the app store of Android. After premiering a few days ago your own options for developers, the Play Store starts to prove the simultaneous download application.

    Google Play Store would follow the steps of the Apple App Store, and instead of download a to a applications as has been doing during these last ten years, you will be able to download more than one app at a time.

    simultaneous Download of applications

    Download Simultaneous

    For the moment the simultaneous download is in its testing phase, only a few users have it enabled. the Play Store you can download multiple apps at once to optimize the network connection and avoid wait times.

    Will be downloaded multiple apps at once and when it goes to install them, also at the same time, it proceeds to download more applications simultaneously. What does not follow is the order of the list of applications to update or download. When an application is ready to be installed is placed in the first position of the list, and those that are downloaded mixed in with the pending applications.

    Surely we have to wait several weeks or even months for the auto download reaches around the world. If you have multiple apps to update so you’ll just have to see if you download several at the same time to know if you have already activated this new feature of the Google Play Store.

    Via | Android Police

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    Google Play Store test the simultaneous download of applications
    April 16, 2019

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