Google prepares a dark mode for the entire system in Android Q

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    Google prepares a dark mode for the entire system in Android Q

    The dark mode is a function that each time we see in most applications. Most apps have an interface of white background that can be very good, but is a bit aggressive to the eye in addition to consuming more energy (always talking about panels AMOLED). Little by little, Google is adding this modality in their applications, and everything indicates that Android Q dark mode is spread across the system.

    The news comes from Google, specifically an entry in the ‘bug tracker’ of Chromium. Here, a responsible Google gave some concrete details about the future dark mode Android Q, the next major update of the system. To these hours the thread has been closed so that can only be accessed by employees, which does no more than bring the rumor to reality.

    First the apps, then the entire system

    The dark mode is one of the priorities of Google, there is more to see that the latest important updates to some of its apps star include this function. What we have seen in YouTubein Teléfono, Contactos, Google Feed, Mensajes or Google Play Games. In addition, the Pixel Launcher also has a dark mode which is activated according to if we put a screen background dark or light. In the face of these signs, it makes sense that the dark mode is still expanding.

    According to the Product Manager of Google Lukasz Zbylut “the dark mode is a feature of Android Q approved (…) The team Q wants to ensure that all apps support dark mode natively. So that the dark mode is applied with success, we need all of the elements of the interface to be adapted to may 2019”. In addition, he also mentions that, in addition to the option to activate the night mode within Chrome, there will be an option to all the system that would be in Settings – Screen – Mode Dark.

    Chromium bug tracker

    As mentioned, the thread of Chromium where it mentioned all these details has been closed to the public so that it is not possible to view the content, although yes there is a screenshot that proves the details discussed. The fact that the information comes from Google, along with the insistence of the company in to put dark mode to all your apps gives more ballots to meet.

    If Google follows its usual schedule, we will have the first official details of Android Q in march with the first preview and will be expanded in may at the conference Google I/O.

    Via | Android Police

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    Google prepares a dark mode for the entire system in Android Q
    January 7, 2019

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