Google wants you to be able to call emergency without talking

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    Google wants you to call the emergency no-talk

    The application Google Phone, which is available for the Pixel, and Android devices selected, scheduled to premiere during the next few months an important novelty relaccionada with the emergency calls.

    Google do not want any person to have problems to call emergency, and for this purpose it offers a solution for cases in which is not able to communicate verbally, either because we have problems in speech, we are faced with a dangerous situation, or because the injuries prevent us from speaking.

    Service automated voice for emergencies

    Emergency Google 2

    The solution of Google to these problems is to your new service automated voice that will assistance to emergency for us. The button “Doctor”, “Fire” and “Police” will allow us to ask the operator the type of emergency without having to talk. We will only need to perform a couple of taps on the screen to be able to ask for help to emergencies.

    A voice over alert you to emergencies that we are asking for assistance through a speech automátizada, informed the operator of our location, including the Plus Code of our coordinates, and the type of assistance requested. The any time the user can talk with emergency if you see that you can use your own voice.

    This news will come during the next few months to the Pixel of the united States and later to more devices. Google has collaborated with several public safety organizations of the country for the creation of this functionality, but the company is confident that it can continue its collaboration with the community of emergency services to make people safer. It is unknown when this service will cross borders.

    Via | Google

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    Google wants you to be able to call emergency without talking
    August 1, 2019

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