Google wants your help to improve the configuration options of the Pixel

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    Google is not accustomed to ask for too many opinions about the changes in Android, but it seems that they are willing to make an exception with the software for their devices, specifically, to the phones Pixel.

    In this post on reddit an official account of Google is asking for opinions on how to improve the configuration of the phones Pixel: what settings you change most often, what you find difficult to find and those that you change the first thing in your new phone.

    300 comments and climbing

    The answers have not been made wait, and the thread is not to accumulate answers and comments of all kinds. Among the most voted and discussed are “not automatically connect” to a Wifi network (but remembering the password), volumes different for different Bluetooth devices, custom phrases to go to the wizard, dark theme and many more ideas.

    If you have a phone Pixel, and ideas on how they could be improved by the configuration of the phone, do not hesitate to stopping by the thread and leave your opinion, if is that your idea has not been added already. That yes, remember that we are speaking only of the settings of the system, and it is that several redditors are leaving the topic by proposing general improvements for Android.

    The original post warns that have no function or future plans to announce, but that this feedback will be used to enhance the experience on devices Pixel in the future. No mention is made of the Wizard, but veils it follows that Google is looking to add more intelligence to the settings to save repetitive actions (for example, silencing the phone when you’re at work, etc).

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    Xataka Android | Google sold 3.9 million phones Pixel in 2017 and Essential does not happened to 90,000 units, according to IDC

    The news Google wants your help to improve the options of configuration of the Pixel was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Google wants your help to improve the configuration options of the Pixel
    February 28, 2018

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