GoPro Action Cam Suite, when the application exceeds a third more than the official

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    GoPro 3

    In Android we have met on several occasions examples of developers create third-party applications to service . The clearest example is Twitter but not the only one: Reddit, Feedly, Facebook, Telegram … The list is long and given that the official version with an advantage, usually usually works best, though not necessarily the most complete.

    Then there is a very curious case: when the official application malfunctions and making others are superior, much, much greater. GoPro is a good example as the best app on Google Play there is not what the manufacturer recommends us but we bring you today: Action Cam Suite

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    Covering the shortcomings of the official application

    If you’ve ever used the GoPro Android client will have discovered that it is an inefficient application: the WiFi does not always work well, the previews longer fail when exporting content connection stutters. Despite having some time on Google Play, still has many outstanding obligations .

    Pocket Lifestyle is a small development studio that began to take its steps a few years ago. His catalog of creations is brief but makes clear that this company is focused on two things. On the one hand, addressing specific needs of customers and on the other fill the gaps that some brands leave with their applications.

     Gopro 1

    The best example of this is what they have done with GoPro Action Cam Suite. Published in April 2015, Lifestyle Pocket boys had decided that what GoPro offered was not enough and that the user experience was far from what they would like to have.

    It was funny because this year went Yi Camera, Action Camera Xiaomi, despite being a product much more modest, application worked much better . True, then this model is technically inferior to the top models of the software category but had managed to do much better.

    The time passed and now, five months later, It has become the reference application to any user of GoPro. It has cost them (it took a while to introduce support for the two new models such as ) but it is a reference app has earned this merit, let’s see why.

    What is special about Action Cam Suite?

    We light our GoPro and put it in way pairing. Needless to say that a new camera as the PIN system only works on the official application. Just need to know the password for the wireless network that creates, nothing more. We connect; wait, no errors? No.

    One thing I’ve noticed a lot compared with the official implementation is the speed with which it connects. Recognizes the fast camera and I’ve only ever had problems with the preview, which also goes for the app that GoPro offered.

    GoPro 2

    Once we have matched the interface is something different but it is very intuitive: the changes are so close at hand as well as the shutter button. Information on the status of the camera (battery and picture quality) are always visible and refresh rate LiveView is fast enough to see what we do.

    If we go into the settings menu we will find other options. The least used in fast but well-ordered changes so we can set the type of image, change the WiFi camera … In addition, the interface is quite clean and more adjusted to the design lines of Android.

    Downloading content to the phone, we found that Action Cam Suite greatly improves what GoPro offers: easily find what you’ve recorded or photographed, the previews do not take a long time and when exporting large content packages it does not lock. A job well done.

    64 650 1200

    Its creators also wanted to maintain a section that was in the official : the video channel from which we can see the best of every week recorded with this camera. In fact, even send a weekly notification (usually on Friday) to warn of all content that has been published.

    Although it is a much better Suite, it is also not without its flaws and sometimes when you connect your LiveView not It works and we have to reboot the camera. I’ve also read that not all mobile goes well but everyone I’ve ever had ( OnePlus One , Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus , Motorola Moto G 2015 and Note Meizu M2) have never had problems.

    In fact, a defect that has GoPro is that in some phones do not work directly. Some research I have not found the reason but for example in a OnePlus One with OxygenOS and I have never been able to root the official is installed and working properly.

    It is good application? Yes

    If you use a GoPro thoroughly and want an alternative that works better, yes. Maybe your phone does not go quite right but considering that has a free trial , will only take us a couple of minutes out for sure.

    If you want more as export options for the highest possible quality or remove the watermark that puts the application, we have to checkout. They are almost five euros but, in my opinion, one of the best investments we can make as it is the best possible partner for these cameras.

    GoPro Action Cam Suite

    GoPro Action Cam Suite Photography

    News GoPro Action Cam Suite, when the application exceeds a third more than the official was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    GoPro Action Cam Suite, when the application exceeds a third more than the official
    September 13, 2015

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