Gray triumphs in the National Awards of the Game with eight fleas

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    Do not Feed the Monkeys get the awards for best design and best original idea, and the adventure Yuppie Psycho, has taken the award for best narrative.

    The most beautiful adventure Gray full of poetry and levels with a great layout created by Nomad Studio has been the big winner of the XIII National Awards from the video Game, known as flea. No less that seven awards have been taken home to a Conrad Roset, Adrian Caves, and Roger Mendoza. In the auditorium of Gamelab 2019, the meeting of video games, which is held these days in Barcelona, were falling one after the other awards. First came the award to the Best game made in Catalonia, and was followed by best Sound, Best Art Direction, Best debut, Best PC game, Best console game, the Prize of the press and Best game of the year.

    The finalists for best game of the year were Gray, Do not Feed the Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios), Very Little Nightmares (Alike Studios) and Yuppie Psycho (Baroque Decay).

    Nomad begins to think of his next project

    Mendoza, co-founder of Nomad and producer and programmer in Gray, told Vandal that is not believed that they were going to get so many awards: “The level was very high, and to us, for example, we love Do not Feed the Monkeys or Flat Heroes, that we think that would be something. The debut makes us special illusion because we did not expect. Or music, on a personal level I think that do not value enough the music.” The soundtrack to Gray has been evaluated by the group Berlinist and Ruben Rincon has been responsible for the sound effects.

    When he left the game creators were on vacation and now will begin to think in his next game, Mendoza says, to what the three founders of the study expect to have the same computer and keep Berlinist for the soundtrack and the entertainer.

    For the moment, they’re thinking and weighing ideas that can be the basis of your next title. “We are again in the stage that nice in that you can do it all. I don’t know what we will do, if change of gender, artistic style… we are open to everything,” adds.

    Gray sum these eight awards to the long list of those who have already obtained: the Annie for best animation for a character in a video game, the GDC Awards for Best visual art, Best art Direction of the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, and best gameplay Mechanics from Games for change Released worldwide for the Return Digital the game has also obtained the support of the public, with more than 350,000 copies sold.

    Do Not Feed The monkeys, prizes for best design, and best original idea

    The intimate style and delicate Gray is located on the opposite end of Do Not Feed the Monkeys, which has received the flea the Best design, and Best original idea. With a look of graphic adventure simple, Do nof Feed the Monkkeys hides a different game, a kind of simulator of gossip mixed in with tasks detective the authors of Dead Synchonicity.

    The game has been a core of five people, with external support. “I’m glad to see that every time they do it in Spain, more games that can compete with anyone in the world and with bold proposals as we are seeing,” said Luis Oliván, producer at Fictiorama, to pick up the prize.

    Yuppie Psycho, from Baroque Decay, won the award to the Best narrative. The representative of the study, thanked, among others, “to the americans and chinese who buy the game and I don’t know of anything.”

    The winner of the Best game college was Moodieval Times, born in Digi Pen and the award for the best game to smartphone led him Very Little Nightmares. The Award to the public, sponsored by Unreal Engine, he Intruders: Hide and Seek, of Tessera Studios.

    The National awards of the video Game are delivered traditionally in the Gamelab, and on this occasion have been presented by the director of Gamelab, Ivan Lobo.

    Gray sweeps in the National Awards of the Game with eight fleas

    Gray triumphs in the National Awards of the Game with eight fleas
    June 27, 2019

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