‘Green Book’: a little gem with two actors in state of grace

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  • 'Green Book': a small jewel with two actors in a state of grace

    ‘the Green book’ is one of the eight films nominated for an Oscar with more options to take it to the house. We’re looking at a year much more equal than usual, with ‘Rome’ as the main favorite, but there are few who doubt that the Academy is going to reward a mexican film, spoken in Spanish and on top of Netflix.

    The film Peter Farrelly is presented as the most viable alternative to be a proposal more accessible to the public and maybe that is why it we are going out to controversial of all parties. Will have to see if that was just playing against him at the time to receive more awards, but what should matter is that it is a small delight with a dash is flawless, and two actors who embroider their characters.

    The odd couple

    Scene Green Book

    ‘Green book’ part of a real story to tell us about the unlikely friendship between a security officer of a club and a refined pianist. The distance between the two worlds expands because the second is african-american and the second makes it very clear his racism before you go to a job offer to work as a driver of the character played by Mahershala Ali.

    The first base which underpins the film is an approach light to the story, finding the way that everything flows naturally. Here there are no grand gestures that explain the different way of seeing the world that has the character with the face of Viggo Mortensen. The closest thing would be when you see your boss playing the piano for the first time, but even then their relationship will suffer various ups and downs that makes one is created totally of the friendship that arises between them.

    in Addition, the proper attitude of the characters will moldeándose slightly to mark an approximation between them, something that is done both through details much more direct -the moment of the fried chicken – as well as through other aspects of a script really worked. Nor will I forget the wonderful performances of Mortensen, above reproach in his role as Italian-american, and Ali, who manages with surprising ease to the peculiarities of his character.

    ‘Green Book’ deserves the Oscar nomination

    Image Green Book

    In fact, the film would suffer without the work of Mortensen and Ali, as they soar even more what comes from the script, something that the mise en scene of Farrelly, also co-scriptwriter of the tape next to Nick Vallelonga -son in real life to the character of Mortensen – and Brian Currie, it either does too much. All is well resolved from the address, but you need something to highlight as much as the script and its protagonists.

    And that is the main achievement of the ‘Green book’ is over and above any technical merit it may have the movie: the fact that the viewer leaves the room with nice body -in an effect comparable to that of letters sent by the character of Mortensen to his wife-. That is something that many titles are proposed to achieve, but end up excediéndose or falling short in some point. ‘Green book’ overboard in that aspect, since it does not take anything in the tone suitable to what that is telling us about.

    That last is in the that is a film with so much charm that knows how to convey your message positive, even if it is sometimes small from a remarkable lack of subtlety. Yes, that all manages to give the feeling of having a significance equivalent to build the unlikely friendship between his two protagonists and how racism was rooted with special intensity in certain areas of the united States at that time.

    In short, ‘Green book’ is one of those movies that make you feel good to the viewer, something that succeeds thanks to a script in which everything is very measured, and two actors in a state of grace. It is true that anyone who wants to disassemble it it will be easy to go too face, being perhaps a bit obvious in some situations, but is that does not pretend to be anything else, and as such works of wonder.

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    ‘Green Book’: a little gem with two actors in state of grace
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    January 30, 2019

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