Greenify the app to save battery and hibernate application is updated and now it does not take root

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  • greenify

    One of Android’s strengths is its true multitasking.

    So begins an article that we published in 2013 , which aims to discuss the problem that entails. running processes in the background and the battery drain they cause

    Android operating system, allows us to terminate processes or tasks through your task manager. This application will be fully closed. But what use the concept of hibernation ? In this way we can optimize consumption our batteries and RAM memory, avoiding unnecessary background processes running.

    This, as we have said in the mentioned article , appeared an application called Greenify . The app allows us said hibernation (fails to close applications, but avoid running background processes) automatically .

    Greenify allowed us to choose the applications you want that you hibernate automatically listed for their background processes.


    also is free , although there is a version that involves a grant, which also allows us to hibernate system applications, not just the user-installed.

    This led to the application to be an essential app on many lists and many expert reviews users in the Android ecosystem. In Google Play has an average of 4.7 out of 5. Confirms a fact that these views

    But this presented a problem : was necessary to be root to use it. . And not everyone feels how rooteando your device

    The question is: why talk again about this app Why we last talked? The answer is simple: The application has been updated and now you do not need rooteado our device ! But we must mention that there will be exactly the same if we are root or if you are not automatic sleep service will only be available in the case of the device rooteado (due to lack of permissions), leaving manual hibernation when we are not root

    This can check the changelog of Google Play.


    v2.0 (Release)

    Greenify now works on devices not rooteados! Try the operation mode rooteado not (no automatic sleep due to privilege restrictions).

    The shortcut ‘Hibernate all’ now it can also be created from the main menu Greenify.

    Enhanced stability considerably autohibernación service, especially in Android 4.4 +.

    Error Correction.

    If you had not yet encouraged to try this application, you may not have a rooteado device, now is the time to download and test. Which ye have tasted you notice the improvement in battery consumption

    Application Google Play

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    Greenify the app to save battery and hibernate application is updated and now it does not take root
    January 12, 2014

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