GRID 2 for free on Humble Store for limited time

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    The Last of Us 2: A chain of stores filters its release date: February 28,

    Also includes two circuits downloadable.

    The game GRID 2 with the downloadable content of the circuits of Spa and Bathurst is freely available in Humble Store for approximately the next 72 hours.

    To achieve this it is necessary to have an account on this digital store and add it to our cart to receive the codes from Steam -for that you need an account for this service-. Once you have added will be our forever.


    GRID 2 it is a speed game from Codemasters that offers cochazos, real tracks and racing on the streets of cities as emblematic as Paris and Barcelona, a variety of tests, and a driving very simple and direct, but profound.

    GRID 2 for free on Humble Store for a limited time

    GRID 2 for free on Humble Store for limited time
    March 14, 2019

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