Griffin Travel Power Bank, a battery to charge the Apple Watch at any place

The battery backup Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch Griffin allows you to leave the charger of the Apple Watch in the house and have a backup to be able to recharge the Apple Watch in any place. This compact battery with a surface of the integrated load, is super-portable.

The battery offers 2.5 full charges for Apple Watch before needing a recharge via its micro-USB cable. It has a small size, as if it were a small stack of personal cards (38.1 mm x 9.5 mm x 114.3 mm) and a weight of 45.3 grams. In addition, it has a ring for keys to be able to hook in any backpack or carry it along with the keys.

The Travel Power Bank Backup Battery has a capacity of 1050 mAh, and a surface area of certified load MFI. The charge level can be checked using the LED indicator. The battery has a price of 69.99 usd and can be purchased through the website of Griffin.


Griffin Travel Power Bank, a battery to charge the Apple Watch at any place

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