GTA Online announces its bonuses and new weekly

Comes the sports Coil Cyclone.

Rockstar has been announced through their official website, the news weekly corresponding to GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

Bonus double GTA$ and RP from 14 to 20 November and new electric vehicle

Coil Cyclone, a car sports power that makes a mockery of the environment, is now available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport. Next to him, we can get double GTA$ and RP during the entire week in modes like Motor Wars and Transform Race. We can also do it in Free mode if you so wish.

Discounts of the week

In the discounts of the week, available until the 20th of November, have a 25% in the following:


Customizations of the venues of club bikers
Better business for bikers

arms Trafficking

Trailer-to-air (both prices)
Tattoos of arms Trafficking

Smuggler”s Run

Ultralight (both prices)
Weapons to aircraft


assault Rifle
sniper Rifles

Warstock Cache & Carry

Technical Aqua (both prices)
Limo with turret


Calendar racing premium and time trial

Racing premium and the time trial this week, which will be available until November 20 are the following:

Race acrobatic premium: Zebra (only for sports cars)
time trial: Monte Gordo

GTA Online announces its bonuses and new weekly

GTA Online announces its bonuses and new weekly

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