Guest stars (365): ‘The Walking Dead’ is deflated, the Balloons of Gold charity, remembering Martian Chronicles and more

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the Internet is tireless, and with so much interesting content it is increasingly difficult to make a selection for this compilation of weekly that you do with interesting articles that we see out there. As always, I invite you to send us your suggestions by using the contact form, whether they are your own articles as if you want to recommend us any thing that you have discovered.

This week we have a varied selection. From items that ask about the descent of hearing ‘The Walking Dead’ up oral histories on programs iconic of our country, passing by some writings derived from the Golden Globes or recommendations on comedy latest Netflix. We go beyond.

  • The audience of ‘The Walking Dead’ have fallen dramatically since the controversial premiere of the seventh season. Still doing some fantastic data (especially when we look at the data of the deferred), but in only 8 chapters have come down from 17 to 10 million viewers, when the average of the last few seasons has been 13 to 15 million. In Tv Spoiler Alert have made a overview factor who believe that are causing this abandonment of viewers.

  • it has already Been a few months since the end of the third season of ‘You’re the Worst’ but still keep remembering the chapter told from the point of view of Edgar, one of the best of the series. So I was delighted to run into this article in the Like a phoenix in which he speaks of the goodness of that episode, and the wonderful sensitivity that you displayed. I agree, in addition, Rebekah that was a turning point in the season, which began to grow from that point.

  • The last Sunday Donald Glover took two Golden Globes home, thanks to ‘Atlanta’, one for best actor in a comedy and another for best comedy series. In Showrunner make a profile of this actor-writer-comedian reviewing his, already substantial at 33 years of age, career.

  • following the Golden Globes, in GQ have posted a review about the organization, talking about your origen the amount that you receive, and of the charitable causes (and film buff) to which he is sent.

  • ‘Day to day’ is a new comedy from Netflix that is captivating to those who will look at it. In Trash and TV write about it and what is a worthy heir to the work of Norman Lear (creator of the original series that this reimagina and responsible for many classics of the sitcom format american as ‘All in the Family’).

  • This year’s ‘Taper Martian’ turns 20 years old and in the Vanity Fair have developed an oral history in the a review of controversies, criticisms, and other ins and outs the history of the program with Xavier Sardá and some co-workers and producers.

  • recently issued the last chapter of ‘Marte’, the –never better said – martian mix of fiction and documentary produced by National Geographic. It is an experiment about in the OchoQuince Magazine, exposing its many virtues.

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Guest stars (365): ‘The Walking Dead’ is deflated, the Balloons of Gold charity, remembering Martian Chronicles and more
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