Guillermo del Toro says ‘The shape of water’ is his best film

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    The shape of water

    Guillermo del Toro announced with enthusiasm that was going to direct the sequel to ‘Pacific Rim’ but when a Legendary wanted to put up the production, made a difficult decision: assign the project to another director. He did so because in place of a blockbuster chose to shoot what he called “a small film”, a romantic drama and fantastic titled ‘the shape of The water’ (‘The Shape of Water’).

    What that in your moment might appear to be an error, or a gesture pretentious of the mexican author, has turned out to be one of the biggest hits of his career. Regardless of how to quit ‘Pacific Rim: Insurrection’ (‘Pacific Rim: Uprising). And is that ‘The shape of water’ is still one of the most acclaimed lms of 2017, won the Golden Lion at the Venice film Festival and rings with the force for the Oscars. Speaking with Collider, Del Toro confesses that he is very proud and believes that it is best film:

    “it can’t be more personal with ‘The shape of the water’. I could not be more proud. It is my favorite movie that I’ve done. Just being in the conversation is really, really great. You work very hard to release the film and that is in sight, and the film connects beautifully with the audience. Has a huge heart.

    I’ve seen 190 million times and still I cry in three or four moments in the film. It’s even more than that. There are one or two scenes that I can’t even describe it without thrilling me. It is a film very personal. I love it. The define it as ‘a fairy tale for hard times’ because it is a balm against the world, where we wake up every morning with worse news.”

    Del Toro explains why he has decided to take a “sabbatical year”

    The filmmaker was surprised by the press, and their fans, announcing recently that is removed for a year. A priori can be seen as a bad news but we’re talking about a filmmaker who does not need to release a movie every year, or every two years; it is not Woody Allen or Ridley Scott. And in any case makes it clear that only going to stop direct: “I’m producing, producing, producing. I don’t have much free time, but I have a lot more free time than if you were producing, producing and directing“.

    A photo of the filming of

    In the same interview with Collider explains why you made this decision and re-make it clear the enthusiasm she feels for her latest work, in addition to clarify what are your other two favorite films of all his filmography:

    “I Felt that ‘The way of the water’ he needed a good six months of total care, to find an audience and enjoy it, as a human being that did something of which he is proud and happy. Happened to Me in the past. In 2001, with ‘The backbone of the devil’, which is my second favorite movie of all that I have done. ‘The shape of water’ is the first, then ‘The backbone of the devil’ and after ‘pan’s labyrinth’.

    During the promotion of ‘The spine of the devil’ I was busy with the post-production of ‘Blade 2’, and it shouldn’t happen that way. I was very proud of that film and not enjoyed it, not maximize my time with her. The films are like children. Grow up and leave, and not return home. Go to college and do not call you. So I wanted to travel with ‘The way of the water’.”

    And yes, has between the hands the remake of ‘fantastic Voyage,’

    Before announcing he was taking a “sabbatical” year, Del Toro sounded to direct the new version of ‘fantastic Voyage,’ (‘Fantastic Voyage’, 1966), which prepares 20th Century Fox James Cameron as producer. Del Toro confirms that he is linked to the project but there is no conflict of dates because they have postponed the pre-production and, apparently, the plan is to handle the address in the fall 2018. Their words:

    “I Announced the sabbath year in September, and if all goes well, [Fantastic Voyage] will start next September. We will begin to work again. We have already delayed. It is a film very difficult, technically, and I needed to resolve a lot of things. I never know if something will happen or not. I’ve learned that, in 25 years. But we are still working on it.”

    ‘The shape of water’ opens the December 8 in the united States. Unfortunately, in Spain we have to wait until January 26 to be able to see it…

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    The news Guillermo del Toro says ‘The shape of water’ is his best film was originally published in Espinof by Juan Luis Caviaro .


    Guillermo del Toro says ‘The shape of water’ is his best film
    November 9, 2017

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