Hallucinates with ‘ADAM’, the impressive trilogy of short science-fiction completed by Neill Blomkamp

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    The race Neill Blomkamp did not pass through its best moment after the failure of ‘Chappie’ and cancellation of ‘Alien 5’, but he knew how to relaunch it through the creation of Oats Studios, a company that was soon to amaze thanks to films such as ‘Rakka’, ‘Firebase’, ‘God: Serengeti’, ‘Zygote’ and ‘Kapture: Fluke’. It was only a matter of time that someone comes a golden opportunity in an alliance with him and has been Unity Technologies is the first to take advantage of it.

    What is certain is that Unity Technologies had already been carried out in 2016, a short film, titled ‘ADAM: Episode 1’, using their tool Cinemachine, which will not be on sale until 2018. Now they list a second version of Cinemachine, and to demonstrate its possibilities sought to ally themselves with Blomkamp and Oats Studios to continue her story with ‘ADAM: The Mirror’ and ‘ADAM: Episode 3’, which you can see below, together with the first delivery:

    • ‘ADAM: Episode 1’

    • ‘ADAM: The Mirror’

    • ‘ADAM: Episode 3’

    We are no doubt to another great work from the visual point of view that leaves us wanting to see how far something like this could be moved to a feature film. And is that in the end this does not cease to be a few parts to show the worlds that could be built, but to do this it would require a script much more elaborate. For now we have to stay with the doubt and focus on what technical. This is what Blomkamp has said the following about his experience with these two shorts of ‘ADAM’:

    I have dreamed of since I started making movies with something that would allow me to build, shoot and edit worlds photorealistic in a single site. Today that dream has become a reality thanks to the power of Unity 2017. The fact that we can get it in half the time of our cycles of production is impressive. The future is here and I can’t wait to see what they think of our fans.

    Also wanted to add how much a technology of these features streamlines the post-production work, and the result is obvious. Now only someone would risk doing something like that with a movie. I leave also several videos that you can see better how did these shorts:

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    The news Hallucinates with ‘ADAM’, the impressive trilogy of short science-fiction completed by Neill Blomkamp was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Hallucinates with ‘ADAM’, the impressive trilogy of short science-fiction completed by Neill Blomkamp
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    December 5, 2017

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