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  • One of the things I love about Google is the closeness we have always shown to us users. But mostly showing proximity to developers. It has long been developing through the various pages hangouts Google, and Android especially have in Google Plus. While it is true that the vast majority (if not all to date) have been in English, have today issued an appreciative live hangout.

    Yes, appreciative. A mixture of Spanish and Portuguese makes understandable the talk in both languages. Just as when we meet someone who speaks Portuguese and we understand each other because of the similarity of the two languages.

    hangout is priceless. It shows various guidelines to follow to develop quality applications and how to focus our application to reach the maximum possible audience. In addition, it also gives us some tips for our application stand out. A video that is well worth seeing and hearing.

    It is certainly a joy that Google do this sort of thing for users and developers. Hopefully such events proliferate so know first hand (in our language) or enjoy some good features advice from the Android development team.

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    Hangout on Android development in Spanish by AndroidDevelopers

    November 7, 2012

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