‘Have a Nice Day’: a simple and colorful thriller criminal ousted for his unfortunate mount

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    Have A Nice Day

    One of the statements more interesting which are usually poured on the process of creation of a feature film, is that this has three distinct scripts; being the first of them is the wording of your script, forming the shoot the second, and attributing the third to the editor and his team, who, in the editing room to make the history of new perspectives and new structures.

    Within the myriad of existing tools to give shape to a film from the assembly, we could highlight the, at times present from the early stages of creation of the work, the technique of the narraciónes fragmented or non-linear; resources used in the most varied ways by great masters of the medium such as the Orson Welles in your ‘Citizen Kane’, the Akira Kurosawa ‘Rashomon’ or Quentin Tarantino laureate ‘Pulp Fiction’.

    it Is precisely the cult classic starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson which could be identified as a major source of inspiration the soporific tape animation china ‘Have a Nice Day’; a production that applies the style pulp “tarantiniano” to their characters and the development of its plot criminal, extending it to the use of a structure asynchronous, is confirmed, need not to seat you well to any feature film.

    it Is curious how the use of a fragmented narrative, a priori enabler for the story and able to enhance the suspense, it is a clear stick in the wheel to ‘Have a Nice Day’. Well, its classic, simple and hackneyed story of betrayal and revenge with the world of the mafia as a backdrop, articulated in just one and a quarter hours of footage, it ends up becoming an experience dominated by the arrhythmia, and boredom.

    Have A Nice Day

    interesting point-of-view multiple with which the filmmaker Liu Jian builds his second feature film favors the presentation and description of her extensive assortment of leading, dominated by the sleaze, and a grotesque character, a slave of the will reference of the film. Unfortunately, the advantages of having taken this decision are limited to the descriptive, tumbling the film in a never ending spiral of ellipses, sequences dilated, endlessly, and chaos only becoming fully satisfactory during your last few minutes.

    it Is a real pity that the artful assembly of a ‘Have a Nice Day’ by land pull his estimable virtues, focus on the remarkable bill visual, who is dressed to perfection the peculiar tone of the film —the most violent and with an amalgam of compliments comedians really appealing, almost absurd—; and in a critical look to the moral misery which prevails in times of economic recession. Pity that the arousal in front of these elements ends deriving in the yawning and, in extreme cases, the head involuntarily.

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    ‘Have a Nice Day’: a simple and colorful thriller criminal ousted for his unfortunate mount
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    April 15, 2018

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