“Have platforms like Netflix creates major hearings”: Elizabeth Olsen defends the need for the VOD for independent film

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  • Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth Olsen, the good less of the trio of famous sisters california completed by the twins Ashley and Mary-Kate, is that not for. Good example of this is your growing popularity, translated into the roles she has played in films like the fabulous thriller ‘Wind River’ or, of course, the cathedral superheróica titled ‘Vengadores: Infinity War’.

    in Addition to walk around the big screen, Olsen also maintains a close relationship with the world of streaming, running out of land in the all-powerful Netflix after passing by the Festival International of Cinema of Toronto on film ‘Kodachrome’, directed by Mark Satin and co-leading roles for Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis. A project that has invited the actress to make an argument in defense of the platforms of video on demand.

    “I think that the premieres in movie theaters are something that should always take place for most projects. For some reason, with ‘Koadchrome’, I feel that it has all the sense that it is on Netflix. It is the perfect place for her. I think we will see more to be on Netflix. Would not do any good to the movie ever set in a cinema and out of sign in a couple of weeks. I think that having platforms like Netflix for independent films, for television or for comedy, creates major hearings for the projects. I think that is something very cool.”

    But ‘Koadchrome’ is not, nor much less, the only foreplay with the online distribution of a Elizabeth Olsen that is located in the development of the first episodic series for the platform Facebook Watch: the comedy titled ‘Sorry for Your Loss’ that the interpreter stars in and produces. Thus describes the experience of setting precedent in a service of VOD.

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    “That was something totally different. We are your first series primetime, and that scares you, but we have to remember that there was a first in Amazon. I mean, when Amazon began to create original content, it seemed a madness; ‘well, that’s where I buy paper in the toilet, why would it also see there’s a good tv series?’. There is something terrifying about being part of a new service for streaming that is still trying to gain recognition.”

    Olsen, in addition, has talked about the content and spirit of the series; originally developed for the channel Showtime before that Facebook was done with her the past month of February and created by Kit Steinkellner —’it all started’—, and still awaiting a release date on the new contender in the struggle for the hegemony of the video on demand.

    “it Is a project that, I think, is something that we need in the world. It is a hole, is a hole, that really has not been narrated with this type of tone. Is about a young widow and her mourning; speaks of the loss and on something that all humans have to pass one way or the other. Is assured that we all have to deal with losing the people that we want to. We have addressed this with love, with respect and humor”.

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    The news “to Have platforms like Netflix creates major hearings”: Elizabeth Olsen defends the need for the VOD for independent film was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


    “Have platforms like Netflix creates major hearings”: Elizabeth Olsen defends the need for the VOD for independent film
    Source: www.vayatele.com  
    April 29, 2018

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