HomeFlip multitasking lets you take a step further

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    Among the customizations that can be performed on an Android device, one of the most prominent is the launcher . We have all types and torque to all tastes. But just in case we missed something, here comes another one direct from XDA Developer . HomeFlip is an application that lets you access your favorite applications from anywhere on your Android (provided est elleve 4.0 or higher). Earlier we talked about other similar app called FlipLauncher , but takes HomeFlip beyond. We have access to both open as favorites, combining button open applications with application drawer. This allows for use closer to Alt + Tab computers rather than a box of extra applications.

    The app is highly customizable, both in operation and in the look (in fact some users have even been encouraged to hang items on the XDA forum application). According launcher can we use the set to live with this without causing problems: eg set home than a click leads to two clicks HomeFlip and leads to the home screen . The developer has promised to continue adding new features , and has already added to choose the side of the launcher and opening new ways based on what users ask.

    There is also be noted that it is minimally invasive application . In matters of RAM resources required are minimal since closed when not in use and to call only collects information which applications have open and what others have as favorites. Yes, this little battery drain means it takes a longer time to power if he were always working.


    As the author indicates the application is designed to be functional and to act with the minimum permissions , is more, the author explains that initially had left some options like haptic feedback for not adding extra permissions. Although the request has finished adding users. Author himself has said that he intends to continue until it includes all that you propose and consider interesting , and the truth is that the moment is fulfilling that idea very well.

    As most customization oriented applications, it is assessing how it fits into our cast and we use our phone or tablet. In my case fits nicely LMT and will be fixed in my Note. The application can be found for free on Google Play and you can follow its evolution XDA forum.

    [app] com.lean_and_mean.HomeFlip [/app]

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    HomeFlip multitasking lets you take a step further
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    February 7, 2013

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