“Homo Sapiens Report” or how to change the world through the eyes of an alien

EFE This is a project based on the premise of an alien that looks from the outside how we manage natural resources on our planet.…


This is a project based on the premise of an alien that looks from the outside how we manage natural resources on our planet.

  • “The Economic growth is not to grow the money or wealth, but to grow the resource base, “says its creator, Michael Wadleigh.
  • Wadleigh has come to Brussels to present their project to the European Commissioner for the Environment.
  • Physicist and filmmaker Michael Wadleigh’s about changing the world with his lecture series “Homo Sapiens Report “, in analyzing the overexploitation of natural resources through the critical and distanced from a alien .

    The European Commission headquarters in Brussels was the last stop of Wadleigh, who won an Oscar for his documentary Woodstock (1970), who has discussed his project on more than one hundred universities and seminars countries around the world.

    “Homo Sapiens Report” is based on an extensive display and starts from the premise of an alien that looks from outside the state of the planet social, political, economic and environmental, Wadleigh said in an interview.

    “If an alien came to Earth , they say, but what the hell are you doing!’d think we are managing our resources very poor and little or no intelligent “said Wadleigh (Akron, Ohio, 1942).

    We must return to the” real “things

    ” Our anthropocentrism prevents us from seeing the whole picture, “he says, and therefore calls for” abandoning the dominant thinking focused on financial terms and return to the real, tangible things “, and especially basic resources.

    “You have to stop and think about what it means to economic growth.’s not about the money or grow wealth, but to grow basic resources , which are increasingly distributed worse as the population grows exponentially, “said Wadleigh.

    ” If you divide the whole territory planetary natural resources usable by man ?? since freshwater to forests or cropland?? among the world’s population, each person would behoove an area equivalent to three football fields. In Europe, the figure is reduced to a single field “he said.

    Forty years ago, the global ratio was six land per capita, while for 2050 it is estimated to fall to two per person, to which should be added the Wear due to longer operating , warns one of the images in the visual presentation of “Homo Sapiens Report”.

    “It is urgent to act. Y is suicidal excuse not to do with the economic crisis, “he said Wadleigh, who came to Brussels to present their project to EU Environment Commissioner, Janez Potocnik Slovene.

    True to countercultural aesthetics

    Although he graduated in Physics and Medicine at Columbia University, Wadleigh achieved fame with his documentary about the legendary Woodstock music festival in 1969, which, in addition to becoming a critical and commercial success , is considered a cult hippie movement.

    True to the countercultural aesthetics , Wadleigh was presented to his meeting with Commissioner Potocnik with beard and long hair tied in a handkerchief bearing, a plaid shirt and worn Oscar in hand, like a business card.

    “The Commissioner has agreed with many of the points of my presentation, “Wadleigh said, adding that his goal” is to change the mentality of politicians or businessmen, but normal people, who are the future of the world in their hands. “

    Among other concrete proposals, defended the application of” scientific criteria “to politics and business, and that elected officials” make an oath of truth “to beginning of his mandate entailing criminal liability if they fail their election promises or lying to the public.

    Wadleigh, however, distrusts Internet as a way to spread their message: no has its own website and to make your visual presentation specifically requested that it not be distributed over the network.

    “We are a subversive organization, why not publish on the net. now I know all this happening there, but I never liked. Too often falsely reported that he was dead, or working as a bus driver in Ohio, “he said, laughing.

    also this distrust justified by the fact that only two of the hundred most visited websites in the world have no profit .

    “If not us, who?, If not now, when? “. With these words Wadleigh concludes his lectures, and interviews.

    “Homo Sapiens Report” or how to change the world through the eyes of an alien
    Source: www.techradar.com  
    October 27, 2012

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