‘House of Cards’: Netflix announces the date for the premiere of the last season with a tribute to the first


The final season ‘House of Cards’ going to be marked by the absence of Kevin Spacey after the sex scandal that took place a few months ago. the Netflix do not hesitate to do without it but finally decided to go ahead with the series for one more season to give closure. It remains to be seen how they will explain the disappearance of Francis Underwood, but now the great protagonist of the function is to be Caire (Robin Wright) as shown in the poster that have been released to advertise your release date.

the next November 2 when Netflix launch all the episodes of the sixth and final season of ‘House of Cards’. The platform has taken advantage of the occasion to the followers of the same are agreed to in its inception, as the poster is virtually a remake of the first season but changed to Spacey by Wright. A curious detail, because everyone is going to agree on the actor to do would have done this or not.


in Addition, this final season of ‘House of Cards’ will lead to the arrival in the series of actors such as Diane Lane, Cody Fern or Greg Kinnear, also deserving is worth noting the return of Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver. Talent to spare there is there to give a farewell to the series as it deserves, but it is that had been so marked up to now by Spacey that sure that I’m not the only one who has his doubts.


finally, Netflix has also released a new image of the sixth season in which I doubt that it is no accident that we see Wright in a room full of men, what will be the new president or is about to drop the bomb the rest? Too many unknowns, although I imagine that Netflix will launch a trailer –the teaser that saw some months ago was merely anecdotal – that begins to clarify things a bit…

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‘House of Cards’: Netflix announces the date for the premiere of the last season with a tribute to the first
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