How many emails you send per month? Analyze your habits mail with Gmail Meter

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    How many emails you send per month? Analyze your habits mail with Gmail Meter

    What day of the week send more emails? Who is your most frequent recipient? Gmail Meter answer these questions and more.

    We live in the era of vital statistics. There are applications to measure how much we eat , how much we sleep many pasos we a day and how much waste time on the Internet . It is only logical, then, that when the mail an activity in which we spend much of our day, there was an application that would allow us to analyze the way in which we use it.

    Gmail Meter is a tool that lets you know almost everything you need to know about how you use your Gmail . After a simple setup, you’ll receive extensive and detailed monthly reports with statistical and analytical about your email habits. Using Gmail Meter , you can discover how many emails you sent, received, or marked with star responded in a given month.

    It may seem a bit excessive, but honestly I find very curious realize that Tuesday answer more emails than any other day of the week (with a lot of difference), and I found it particularly interesting to know how much on average it takes me an email reply (about fifteen minutes , suggesting that need to close my window occasionally Gmail ).

     gmail meter

    A bar chart shows you day that you receive as many emails , and pie chart shows you the categories: how many emails you have in your inbox, many File, and how many are in the bin or own labels. You can also see what people you communicate with most (to whom you send more emails and who receive more), and lets you identify specific conversations that are the longest (in my If the conversation longer is working and is made no less than 28 messages ).

    Gmail Meter is a script, which means that originally could be installed through gallery scripts Google Docs. However, you can now be installed directly through their website . It is free, takes just a minute and is designed so that all data are processed directly into your Google account, ie, are never exported or stored on external servers .

    gmail meter

    I’m not really sure I learn all this information on my email habits has helped me be more efficient, but it certainly seems interesting. I guess for example, day seeing what I write more emails are those hours could be allocated to specific work of cleaning my inbox , or it could use the information to know if my emails are too long in relation to those that I receive and trying to summarize a bit.

    Another feature I found interesting is the monthly chart, which indicates which days of the month are received and how many messages are sent. Apparently there is a major peak in my month, around the 15th: note receivable invoices need . A word cloud lets you know the most commonly used words in your interactions, and a bar chart s eto more file types sent and received as attachments .

    Unfortunately, They have not yet invented tool to help you do not have to answer all these emails (if you find you want at least some unsubscribe, you can try ). Gmail Meter was created by Romain Vialard, and originally required a little knowledge to install the script, but now it only takes a few clicks. If you want to use it, just go to its website .


    How many emails you send per month? Analyze your habits mail with Gmail Meter
    October 12, 2015

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