How much you know of series? Guess the frame (4×13)

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it seems that no matter how complicate the game, they’re always there to show your visual memory seriéfila . One week we come with two frames of series that you have to guess for spots and place you in a good place on the leaderboard. Remember that you have to guess which number (s) belong the images that appear in this article. To take the first 5 points, 2 points and 1 second the third point, we should keep both titles.

last week my partner Noe added another pair of frames to its list of proposals unanswered, and that none of those who tried find out which series belonged the two images matched or one of the two. Many did you think that the first was’ Z Nation ‘, but the correct answer was ‘ Ash vs. Evil Dead ‘. The other belonged to ‘Dr. Who ‘. Without winners, the classification is left untouched


  1. The Ghosts of Paradise (12)
  2. fernarda (11)
  3. Ender85 (5)
  4. beaniega (5)
  5. eddy.dorleans (5)
  6. danieljusto (5)
  7. blackial (5)
  8. xpayne (5)
  9. m1chae7 (5)
  10. equis24 (4)
  11. outrak (4)
  12. marioquema (3)

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nothing happens, this week we have many points for passing. You only have to tell us what series or series belong the two images of this article. The faster the dots takes!

Tele Go! | Guess the frame

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News series What do you know? Guess the frame (4×13) was originally published in ​​ Go Tele ​​ by Adriana Izquierdo .

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How much you know of series? Guess the frame (4×13)
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