How to activate two-step verification of WhatsApp for Android

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    To check in WhatsApp so we just need to receive our mobile an SMS or call with the activation code of the service to verify that that phone number is ours, a measure of security which WhatsApp doesn’t seem far enough, as they have just introduce the new two-step verification.

    From now through the beta version already we can activate the check in do steps for our greater security. Now after the activation code that is sent to us WhatsApp, the identification process will not end until us to enter our own six-digit code.

    Check in two steps


    To enable two-step verification of WhatsApp we have to go to Settings > Account > two-step Verification. There already so we just need to follow the steps to put our six-digit code and our account, I think, for if we forget the code.


    once you have placed our code of verification of two steps, the next time that we record our number we will have to enter our code during the activation wizard. If you have forgotten the code and we do not have an email associated we will not be able to register in WhatsApp till seven days. After spending seven days you will be able to register without the verification code, in two steps, but we will not receive all pending messages to receive. If you spend more than 30 days without registration with the verification code, the account will be reset and start as a new user.


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    How to activate two-step verification of WhatsApp for Android
    November 10, 2016

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